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Conclusion and performance

To wrap it up, VisualSubSync premium is a pretty handy piece of software when it comes to syncing subtitles with videos, using an intuitive interface. There are plenty of options to keep you busy and the response time is quite good. Our tests did not reveal any problems such as errors, crashes or hangs. VisualSubSync patched helps you create transcripts for your favorite movies VisualSubSync pre-Activated Free Download is an application which will help you create transcripts for your favorite movies or synchronize a transcript with the video.

VisualSubSync free download

The next section, the subtitles list, will display the subtitles for the audio part that you have selected, while the last section will be used to insert a new subtitle for the selected audio part. The small box on the left will allow you to see the number of characters contained by each line you typed, so that you can easily divide the text into more lines if the line contains too many characters. After you have done inserting subtitles for every time loop, you can perform an error checking which will allow you to see the errors that your transcript may contain, e.g. lines that are too long, subtitles which overlap etc. All in all, VisualSubSync 1.0 Registration Code can be used by those who wish to create subtitles for their favorite movies, being an efficient tool through its reliable editing functions. The tool also allows you to adjust already existing transcripts, which may not be synchronized correctly or which may contain various errors.

Play items and stop them, strip tags and delay lines

Multiple playback buttons are incorporated, so that you can easily play, stop, pause, loop and go to the next subtitle, while it is also possible to zoom in and out of the waveform, show silent zones and view logs. Last but not least, it is possible to merge dialog, delay a line, view subtitles in italic or other styles, strip tags and create karaoke with just a click of the button.

Main Features:

  • Error checking function
  • None
  • The possibility to import and modify transcripts
VisualSubSync Full Version Serial Key

Supported file types, and check for errors and spelling mistakes

This program enables you to upload subtitles in formats such as SRT, SSA and ASS, while they can be saved as SRT, CUE, TXT, CSV, SSA and ASS extensions. Projects can be opened and saved as VSSPRJ, while you can also export them as WAV files, and bring up properties with just a click of the button. A search function is supported, as well as error checking and checking your spelling. It is possible to view quick stats in a dedicated panel, generate an error report and export it to an HTML format.

System Requirements for VisualSubSync:

What’s new in last version:

Add scene change support for MP4 container by using synchronisation points.
Fix loading of big files in text pipe.
Fix text pipe colorization to at least work consistently for the last added subtitle.
Try to fix form display when screen is not using 100% dpi.
More error checking to avoid crash when rendering a media file
Implemented feature request #2998396 : Open most recent project on startup
Fixed bug #2988478 : Display problem with “Translate” dialog this dialog is now re-sizable and should display correctly.
Fixed shortcut overwrite problem when loading preset
Fixed bug #2970734 : Double click on stop time change the next subtitle.
Fixed unicode option change : auto save project
Fixed undo delete action : mark project as dirty
Fixed translate dialog : now use “translate all subtitles” when there is no VO file
Fixed VO file loading : always clear current VO file before trying to load new VO file which can be empty

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  1. Downloaded version would not fix problems without buying and did not allow me to buy on special offer advertised.

  2. AVG flagged this as a virus when I tried to install it and tossed it into it’s virus vault.

  3. Lacking in features.
    More functionality needed on accessing files on server
    Would like to be able to encrypting files before backup

  4. Yes, it will want you to buy the pay version. There is no need to do that, the free version is just fine.

  5. You have to do a survey to use the browser, redirects you to free gift, you actually have to pay shipping for and give credit card information. ( I didn’t do)
    Then wont let you go to any web pages with out redirecting you to ad webpages..

  6. Taking a full star because I don’t understand and don’t see documented anywhere, why I have to see a list of every game in existence when I only have a handful of ROMs that I use. I have to scroll through a hundred ROMs to get to the one that I want, alphabetically. Can’t the database you create simply consist of the games in the specified folder?

  7. Display of files in the uninstall does not appear to be sortable. I prefer the spreadsheet type approach as in Revo.

  8. Nothing special
    Not free unless you don’t use it
    Misleading claims of free use
    Dishonest company
    Appearance is outdated

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