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Please note that VMware dropped support for this product on June 30, 2011, but users can still enjoy its benefits regardless of this fact. However, newer technologies are being shipped in other products, such as VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware vSphere Hypervisor and VMware vSphere.

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VMware Server 2.0.2 full download makes it possible to run multiple virtual environments at the same time (Windows, Linux, Solaris), without conflicts of any sort. This is possible due to the fact that the machines are isolated from one another, as well as from the physical host. All of the environments can be managed, controlled and launched from a console application and as of version 2.0, from a web-based interface too. Features of both approaches include creating and configuring virtual machines, performing various power operations (start, stop, suspend, reset and resume) and monitoring the activity of each of the environments.

Begin enjoying the benefits of server virtualization for free Download VMware Server 2.0.2 Free Crack – Enables companies to partition a physical server into multiple virtual machines VMware® Server is a free virtualization product for Windows and Linux servers with enterprise-class support. It enables companies to partition a physical server into multiple virtual machines and to start experiencing the benefits of virtualization. VMware Server Full Version Free Download is a robust yet easy to use product for users new to server virtualization technology and is based on VMware’s proven technology.

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The configuration process of the machines includes setting permissions, creating and managing snapshots, as well as startup / shutdown actions. The allocated memory for each environment can be set to up to 8 GB, the only limitation being imposed by the capacity of the host computer. In addition, each of the machines can use up to ten network adapters and can benefit from USB 2.0 support if the host machine is equipped with the appropriate drivers. This way, use of peripherals such as webcams, storage devices, DVD-RW drives is facilitated.

System Requirements for VMware Server:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.vmware.com
  • Author VMware, Inc.
  • Last version 2.0.2


  1. After download, keeps downloading SOMETHING, and the hard drive space keeps getting smaller. I cannot find what and where it is downloading, so I have to exit the program.

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