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Enhances the security of the PC by implementing voice lock protection, and displays custom videos, pictures as a screensaver while the PC is locked. VoicePass PC Security Lock 1.0 serial keys is easy to install on your Windows PC. VoicePass patented technology allows customers to choose their own voice password. Customers can set their lock screen to display videos, pictures or custom screen savers. Simply download the software and in one minute your PC is secure from unauthorized user access. Prevent unauthorized access to PC using voice lock A useful tool that can help you restrict the access to your computer completely by using your own voice as a means of unlocking it

VoicePass PC Security Lock Full Version portable

Preventing unauthorized access to your computer can be done in several ways, the simplest one being the lock function that Windows comes with. Nonetheless, if you feel that a simple password may not provide sufficient security, you can always resort to more advanced methods, like facial or voice recognition. In case you are interested in the later option, there are a number of tools that you can try and among them you will come across VoicePass PC Security Lock full version. This utility is able to supply two methods of restricting access to a PC and is quite easy to configure thanks to its easy to use interface.

The first step in enforcing new security rules onto your system is to record your voice passphrase and the application requires you to do so 10 times so there will be more samples for the program to analyze and allow you to login. As a secondary method of protecting the PC is through and old-fashioned password that you can set up in no time. Nonetheless, this is an optional measure because the main method remains through the spoken word(s). There is also a fail-safe mechanism that is designed in order to give you a means of recovering the lost credentials for both login methods described above. All you will need is a valid e-mail address where the passwords can be sent.

VoicePass PC Security Lock Full Version Serial Key allows you to configure the period of inactivity after which the computer will be locked. Also, you have the possibility to set the secondary login method come into play after a specific number of failed attempts using the voice password. Since it offers a quite decent set of features and presents them in a rather easy to understand and use manner, VoicePass PC Security Lock serial keys proves to be indeed a good alternative for anyone looking for new ways of securing their system. Download VoicePass PC Security Lock precracked – A useful tool that can help you restrict the access to your computer completely by using your own voice as a means of unlocking it

System Requirements for VoicePass PC Security Lock:

It’s showing up the error: “Object reference is not set to an instance of an object”.

This is a problem and a bug in the application’s code. You have triggered something that isn’t defined properly in the program’s database. The first thing I would recommend is to perform the program’s reinstallation (if you still have the setup package).
If you can’t find the setup package, then I recommend downloading it through the download page at Software Informer.


  1. The installation was successful, but when I open the application, I get this message & it’s not opening: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.

  2. How do you set the object reference not set to an instance of an object on VoicePass PC Security Lock?

  3. Yes, it says “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” in Windows 8. I think there is some problem with it.

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