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In this app, you can choose whether or not to automatically open the save folder when you start capturing. There is the possibility to automatically delete files that are smaller than a user-defined size after capture has stopped. All in all, WebVideoCap 1.41 Full Version Free Crack is a useful app to have installed on your computer if you are interested in downloading Flash video files from the Internet to your hard drive. This utility allows you to capture .flv (Flash Video) files and RTSP/MMS video streams while the Web browser download and play them inside a Web page. After the entire video file is downloaded and played by the Web browser, the video file is saved in the folder that you selected, and you can play it offline later with any Video player. WebVideoCap registration keys is a very small program that will let you save the .

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A software application that allows you to easily save flash video files on your hard drive from certain websites, so that you can view them at a later date. Key Features Include: System requirements:This utility works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. *Note with Windows 2000/XP, WebVideoCap 1.41 Full Version key can only capture the video files if you log on as a user with admin rights. For use with Windows Vista SP1, an additional WinPcap driver in required.

WebVideoCap 1.41 free download is a handy little software program that allows users to capture Flash video files from the Internet, so that they can watch them at their convenience. The interface adopts a very simple design, which reminds users of the Windows ’98 look. Aside from this, the program is really easy to use. All the options are displayed in the main screen, from the folder where you want to save your data, to what types of files to capture, and Start or Stop Capture buttons.

WebVideoCap Activation Key

WebVideoCap 1.41 activator is a very small program that will let you save the .flv files you encounter on a Web page. After the entire video file is downloaded and played by the Web browser, the video file is saved in the folder that you selected, and you can play it offline later with any Flash Video player. WebVideoCap serials can capture the video files of most popular video-sharing sites Download WebVideoCap 1.41 Free Download Activator – A software application that allows you to easily save flash video files on your hard drive from certain websites, so that you can view them at a later date.

System Requirements for WebVideoCap:

  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage: www.nirsoft.net
  • Author Nir Sofer
  • Last version 1.41

What’s new in last version:

Fixed WebVideoCap to capture the .mp4 files of dailymotion.com and probably other Web sites.
Fixed issue: WebVideoCap failed to capture .flv files in YouTube and probably other video sites, due to small change in the video servers.
Added Promiscuous Mode option for WinPCap capture in Advanced Options window, which is disabled by default. In previous versions, WebVideoCap always worked in Promiscuous Mode, but in some wireless cards, the network packets cannot be captured at all in this mode.
Fixed bug: WebVideoCap crashed on some mms/RTSP streams.

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  1. This program took years before loading! If you manage to past that point and really use it, you are not going to find nothing attractive or new. The company believes that with a XP-like interface they are going to be able to hide the deficiencies of the program: it’s slow and everytime I tried to use it my PC get freezed!

  2. “Play” should always start from the 00:00 position and not from where one clicks. Another button should be created “Play from current position” if this functionality is desired.

  3. ABC Navigator is an excellent program. Unfortunately there are no help files or user manuals to be found. Most of it is intuitive, but some of the more useful functions are frustratingly elusive.

  4. I had to reboot after running this and then again after attempting to watch the results due to constant memory errors. It never accomplished the tasks I downloaded it for, only gave me headaches, totaly wasted effort on my part.

  5. Memory hogging, full of bugs, cant trust that adobe will even keep supporting this platform in the future (flash anybody?)

  6. When you upload large lists, it starts to work slower and sometimes it seems to be frosen. The guys from technical support advise to devide lists into smaller parts, in this case, yes, – it works faster.

  7. You can only create your website/blog.The files are saved in .artx format.So if you want to sell it to someone,then you have to ask your customer to buy Artisteer.They can’t use your generated templates with the software itself.

  8. need to be able to sync one way. Certain items on one drive/folder I don’t want on the other.

  9. Redesigned interface with version 2011. It is incredibly bad: cumbersome, slow, non-intuitive, etc. If you have large disks you must purchase the separate Plus Pack. Image Restore still broken for large GPT-type disks.

  10. I’ve been able to install books by running the .msi files, but the maps wouldn’t install for some reason.

  11. Doesn’t include for foster families, same-sex marriages, and other “non-traditional” situations. Doesn’t handle step-parent/child situations very well either. At one point, got some kids mixed up and called them parents instead. Can’t drag ‘n drop one spouse to another; have to go through “Relationship” in order to set that up, which is annoying. The branches of a family tree don’t separate from each other either.

  12. Data loads in a pop-up window. Can’t customize the port value, only works on 161, I needed it to connect on 1161.

  13. Does your software allow you to show points of origin by month, two week periods or year? If so, how?

  14. It could be improved as regards its usability: One can save work in convertible SVG and OBJ file formats but then (as with Google Sketchup and similar modelling programs), one gets lost about the limited but possible conversions to other programs. It would help to know which CAD programs can effectively import those files and have them then saved in file types that designers, architects, engineers use most, such as DWG.

  15. didn’t work and won’t uninstall completely. Still pops up when I put in a disc, then gives error message and closes. Have tried reinstalling, uninstalling via ad/remove, uninstalling via searching files. Nothing has worked. Not the worst thing in the world, but dang, who needs it.

  16. Barely functions on Windows XP. After upgrading to Windows 7, True Image 2011 would not configure a back-up scheme. Couldn’t uninstall through add/remove. Had to use Windows Clean-up Utility. Support is practically non-existent.

  17. This is fantastic and very useful utility! The best for tweak computer I ever tryed! Thanks to IObit !!!

  18. – the converted file may be pretty big
    – quality is reduced a lot from the original video, even if set on a high video bit rate
    – uses up a lot of your pcs resources
    – it leaves a .mp3 or .flv at the end of the file once its converted

  19. Using Win7Ult x64. After 2 weeks started crashing at every startup. Reinstall did not solve prob. Also many of the scan results had bogus entries, several appearing on EVERY network I scanned. Leaves a folder behind when uninstalling.

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