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Configure WhiteCap 6.8.3 key to display an impressive set of visual effects

Users can modify various parameters in order to customize their visualizations. There are multiple configuration settings, which include themes, transition timers, color schemes, wave shapes and background transparency. The application offers sufficient options to keep even the most demanding users happy. There are five sets available for quick access right on the main window of WhiteCap serial code. Users can save their preferred visual effects with ease. Unfortunately, the sets cannot be named and cannot be used outside the media player.

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WhiteCap 6.8.3 Full Version Registration key is a real-time music visualizer and screensaver that provides a wireframe mesh to generate graphic effects. It provides several on-screen menus that can configure the visual effects.

Watch unique and musically reactive visuals while listening to your favorite music

The application is quick to install and does not have any special hardware requirements. It can run on most computers nowadays. This plug-in can easily be accessed from the 'Visualization' menu of popular media players, such as iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player,  J. River Media Center, Real Player, Media Monkey and jetAudio. WhiteCap Serial Key provides a random button that allows the program to display a custom and unique set of visual effects. For users who do not want to spend time on configuring various parameters, this feature is time saving and simple to implement.

Improve your environment with a custom visualization

WhiteCap 6.8.3 full version patch can also be used as a standalone application that can be set to run on a TV screen or as a screensaver for a personal computer. It is really versatile and provides good value for money, although some users might find the price too steep. In summary, this application provides a number of visual effects that are easily configurable. It can be used in multiple settings, offers good value for money and it can be used by beginners and experts alike.

Main Features:

  • Easy to use on-screen menus
  • A huge number of customization possibilities
  • The generated visuals are truly great-looking
  • Support for album cover art and track titles not available in the free version of this tool
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Though you probably don’t expect a music visualization plug-in to have many advanced options and customization capabilities, the fact is that WhiteCap 6.8.3 For Pc Free Download truly exceeds at this part. Its huge number of ways in which it can be customized and extended is truly impressive. It is capable of generating millions of unique visual effects and effect combinations, and it lets you fully customize their details, from color and shapes, to graphic quality and backgrounds. Adjustable zoom, speed, and music response are also featured. It even lets you add your own visuals. Anyway, with WhiteCap full download you will never get bored. It can offer you a unique, totally distinct visual theme at any time.

System Requirements for WhiteCap:

What’s new in last version:

New WaveShapes: Vesica Piscis Pulse, Closed Space, Holy Moments
Installer for Windows now handles iTunes installed from Microsoft app store.
Installer for macOS now better accommodates Mojave and Catalina (to the best that is possible).
Fixed rare line drawing crash.
Improved line drawing when auto-generating normals.
Added setting 'Prevent Display Sleep'
Improved compatibility with Windows screensavers.
Addressed JRiver Media Center crash.
Major updates to Windows no longer require WhiteCap reinstallation.
Working-around iTunes for Windows issue causing freeze/lockup.
Fixed OpenGL/Direct3D toggle setting on Windows.
Fixed macOS screensaver reverting to main display only mode.
Fixed WhiteCap sometimes not being detected in Windows Media Player or iTunes.
Now bundling all-new Windows audio driver called SoundSpectrum Audio Cable, offering audio loopback from the system output to WhiteCap Standalone (or any other application of your choice).

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  1. Don’t really like it, does’t have that much to offer, I am glad I only got the free trial, I would never pay for it

  2. I had and lost an AOL Calendar about a week ago. It had scheduled medical events. I cannot seem to recover that calendar. I need help!

  3. Any significant hardware change will invalidate the licence. The product support agreement can change drastically without notice.

  4. Installs the Ashampoo toolbar, even if you say you don’t want the toolbar during install. I’ve read that Windows 7 users can’t uninstall the toolbar after it’s installed without thier permission. Not cool.

  5. Doesnt work on myspace audio or sites that hide links in swf players. The program is trial ware as well.

  6. Has Limitations or something? When you could get it to work, when it hit around 8,000 emails it would error out “Code 6” or “Overflow Error”.

  7. Every time, I have to delete previous backup and start over. Recently, there is an error which states, “Cannot make an image”. After waiting 11 hours for a back-up, it locks. There is no US support. When you go report the problem, it says you have to pay for support. How difficult can it be to make a disc copy program. There are better versions available for real time and on-line like Apple, Google, Carbonite etc… Too bad they don’t support their program. It is nice to have a physical copy right next to you. If you buy a hard drive from Western Digital, they provide software for back-up. I feel robbed.

  8. down loaded the trial yesterday. intalled today and was told trial period was over i need to buy. hmmmm, 30 days one day, whats the difference

  9. It’s VERY expensive and hard to learn at first, but after you get the hang of it, it’s very easy to navigate and use. The problem with the trial though is that by the time you get used to it, the time runs out. I prefer 7.0 or CS. Not to mention it takes Waaaayyyy too much space in my opinion.

  10. it has this annoying feature of changing your desktop wallpaper into a damn doppler screen. i haven’t figured out how to turn it off either.

  11. everything, it crashed my computer also had to reformat after it did its number where is 8 at bring back the ones that work. What is an alternative and where can everyone find it. this one sucks

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