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WinUtilities Professional Edition 15.74 crack

All things considered, WinUtilities Professional Edition 15.74 registration keys is one of the optimization tools that really have a positive impact on the PC and can actually help you clean the computer. The huge list of tools it comes with make it suitable to server many purposes and thanks to its great ease of use, this software appeals to beginners and power users alike. Optimize your computer’s performance, run disk cleaning, detect invalid registry entries and errors, all to make sure the system is running smoothly

WinUtilities Professional Edition Full Version Registration key

The application has an rather nice looking interface, with every feature neatly organized. Clicking on each of them opens a new window in which you're prompted to select the drives or the elements you wish to be scanned either for fixing issues or for improving certain settings. Besides the main clean and repair operations, WinUtilities Professional Edition Full Version Activation Code is also capable of optimizing the system for greater performance, enhancing privacy and security, controlling windows and folders, working with the Windows registry and scheduling tasks.

  • Cleans disks from information that clogs your system and reduces the performance of your computer
  • Scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry
  • Easily manage program execution at windows startup
  • Easily tune up your system performance
  • Erases all traces of activity on your computer
  • Split any type of file into smaller pieces and rejoin them to the original file
  • Makes sure that no data thief can get his hands on your sensitive data
  • Password-protect any Windows executable file
  • Optimizes the Memory Management of Windows
  • Helps you to free disk space by finding and removing duplicate files from your system
  • Finds all the invalid shortcuts and reports back to you
  • Check your system’s performance and manage the running processes
  • Manage the programs installed on your system
  • Checks hardware, view at a glance all the details of your system
  • Provides you an easy way to launch these tools build in Windows
  • Backup and restore the Windows Registry
  • Search Registry with the advanced registry search engine
  • Protect your privacy and encrypt sensitive data
  • Manages and optimize your Windows Settings
  • Schedule the cleaning tasks that take place automatically
  • Schedule your computer for log off, stand by, hibernate, or shutdown on specified of time

Main Features:

  • Not found
  • Comprehensive PC optimization solution
  • Free trial is fully functional
  • Interface is user-friendly and well organized
WinUtilities Professional Edition reg keys

Scheduled Tasks is a great way to keep your computer up to date. Here, you can determine when you want your computer to perform maintenance tasks. By setting a date and time, the computer will run the maintenance programs in the background while you are working on other projects. By clicking the Status tab, you can see if your program is up to date. WinUtilities Pro is a handy solution for a common computer user who doesn’t know where to search for maintenance features. Most of the services WinUtilities Pro provides can be done through Windows, without additional software. However, WinUtilities Pro provides the convenience of having all the maintenance tasks available on one screen.

System Requirements for WinUtilities Professional Edition:

  • CPU: 133MHZ
  • RAM: 32MB
  • Disk space: 15MB
  • Windows All, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage:
  • Author YL Computing
  • Last version 15.74

What’s new in last version:

Added improvements for latest version of Windows 10
Updated database
Updated translations
Performance improvements
Bugs fixed
Fixed a bug in 1-Click Maintenance
Fixed a bug in File Undelete that may cause file read error Updated database Updated translations Minor tweaks Upgrade WinUtilities Free Upgrade WinUtilities Pro
Fixed a bug in Registry Cleaner that may cause unexpected results
Improved History Cleaner module
Added more plugins for History Cleaner module
Updated database Updated translations
Performance improvements & Minor tweaks
Upgrade WinUtilities Free Upgrade WinUtilities Pro
Added 10+ new plugins for History Cleaner
Improved 1-click maintenance module
Performance improvements and bug fixes
Improved Disk Cleaning module
Improved Registry Cleaning module

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  1. FORGET support for this product, you will get none. Users in the forum are rude and not very bright. I thought I was speaking to a technician and asked that they give me a call and basically got told off. They said what do you want from a free product??

  2. The professional version, Oxmetrics, is worth the price and elevates the power of the Ox platform and is very user-friendly.

  3. I haven’t really timed it, but it seems like Macrium is faster in making a back up image.

  4. Clunky UI. Select one set of dupes in one path, then click another path and the first one de-selects.

    I wanted to compare one folder of files from an old thumbdrive against everything on my PC no matter what folder it may be in, compare and let me choose what to delete.

  5. always a dependable time source and a reliable extension to my brain with its birthday reminders

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