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You can password-protect your spreadsheets, spell-check them, use any of the templates provided for the most common and other not-so-common tasks, insert comments, and create a wide range of pie, bar, and line graphs from your data. If MS Office can do it, WPS Office can also do it… and faster. Though very similar in terms of functionality, the WPS suite of tools has added a number of features that make working with all kinds of documents not only easier but also more time efficient. Low resource consumption, fast document opening, section navigation, multi-tab support, drag-and-drop editing tools, and file roaming are but some of them. All the rest are for you to discover.

WPS Office Premium full download

One of our favorite free office suites, Kingsoft Office, is now WPS Office 2014, with an all-new look and new tools. It’s still widely compatible with other office suites, tools, and document formats, including Microsoft Word. WPS Office bundles a powerful word processor (WPS Writer), a spreadsheet tool (WPS Spreadsheets), and a presentation manager (WPS Presentation) with a variety of support utilities. WPS Office 2014 Beta 1 works across many platforms, including mobile devices.

Bottom Line

WPS Office 2014 Beta 1 is an excellent productivity suite, particularly because it does so much for free. There’s no denying it’s not Microsoft Office, however close it comes, but if price is a major consideration, WPS Office 2014 Beta 1 is an excellent option.

The files that are created with the suite can be encrypted in order to protect them from being opened or modified. Another useful feature is to export your work as PDF files directly from the application, so that you can set advanced permissions to protect the file.

Create professional presentations and use the integrated cloud

If you need to present your documents and spreadsheets to your team or to customers you can use the “Presentation” application that allows you to create slideshows. The presentations can include shapes, clipart, charts and sound effects to achieve the desired effect, while you can also make use of the provided transitions and design templates. Last but not least, you should know this suite offers cloud support, so that you can easily save your documents there and access them from any device.

Main Features:

  • Low system requirements
  • High processing speed
  • Reads and converts PDF files
  • Full compatibility with all MS Office formats
  • No PDF editing features
  • WPS Office opens quickly and works stable. It has better compatibility with MSO, compared with other free office suites. Its UI looks much like MSO, so it’s easy to learn. It meets most my daily needs about office software. If you are looking for a free alternative to the costly MS Office, WPS Office is a great choice. Updated on Jul 17, 2014
  • If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to fork out for the MS offering then this should be high on your list.
  • While searching for open office alternatives, i read a review elsewhere. It did mention that this was developed in china. Now if china is offering something free, i suspect it was funded by some business unit of P.L.A or Commie Government. I could only imagine its purpose to create a back door entry , hacking , spying etc.Disclaimer: All above may not be true… So be your own judge.
  • Stay away unless you like browser redirects. Try Apache OO instead – they don’t mess with you.
  • All right, I am putting this up against Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice.I have used Word, Open and LibreOffice Writer, and a number of other word processing software out there. OpenOffice and LibreOffice will screw up your Word documents so they won’t open! The main thing I notice when using Word is what I call “MicrosoftWhite”…the annoying too-bright eye-crossing background of the entire office suite. The Kingsoft background and entire interface is easy on the eyes, plus options are equal to or better than Microsoft Office offerings. The free version has some personalization–toolbar arrangements, color scheme. I had to go in and adjust the ruler to inches instead of mm. The one nagging thing is the character spaces after periods. For some reason there is too much space on some documents and not on others. Also, I can’t really tell by clicking on the save button if I am actually saving because it doesn’t seem to animate or show saving on the status bar. I have used this software on and off for the past year but now am so frustrated with the others that I’ll be sticking with Kingsoft.
  • I’ll definitely give it a try!
WPS Office Premium serial keys

Comprehensive office suite that comprises multiple options to aid you in creating and editing spreadsheets, presentations and text bodies, with cloud support Fully compatible with Microsoft Office, WPS Office comes with Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets allowing you to open, edit and create almost any document type. Writer: Fully compatible with Microsoft Word Rich text, paragraph, and shape formatting features. Easily make quick changes to margins and spacing using our Paragraph tool. Advanced collaboration features including track changes, spell check, and comments. Numerous page layout tools for advanced formatting. Presentation: Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint Beautifully designed user interface.

System Requirements for WPS Office Premium:

  • CPU: Pentium II 266 MHz or higher
  • Memory: at least 128 MB
  • Hardware: at least 200 MB available space
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage: secure.avangate.com
  • Author Kingsoft Office Software
  • Last version

What’s new in last version:

Newly supports converting pictures to Word formats
Supports in-app payment: via Paypal, Stripe, Avangate
Newly supports various discounts and offers
Supports push messages of Message Center
Supports command searching
Added quick buttons for pictures: Layout, preview, crop
Changed the shape of color paletteto rectangle
Improved feedback entries
WPS Writer:
Newly added feature – Checkbox ticking/unticking:
Convenient insert and recognition of checkboxes (empty/ticked/crossed), and supports ticking/unticking
WPS Spreadsheets:

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  1. Big deficiency: the smallest rate at which it can convert is 32kb. Other programs have rates as low as 8kb, which is a lot more ideal when you have a voice file that you want to upload to the internet so that others can download it quickly even on a dial-up. Other than that, as is acknowledged in the description, unregistered users have to wait a few seconds and click a “continue” button between each file of a multi-file rip session. Even this doesn’t detract from the excellence of the results. (And besides, a clever programmer can use a mouse-click macro utility to automatically click away those “continue” popups.)

  2. It takes a while and you can’t play a video while your converting. A pause button would be nice because otherwise; you start all over.

  3. This program is so awesome that myself and many others are user but we spent lots of our own free time just helping other people up and going…I have even written my own batch program Gstart to help users get running again.

  4. After shutting down and restarting my laptop lots of strange things seemed to have happened to my PC. It took about 2 hours to restore my computer. I can only believe that something from the AVC download went wrong. But then again I am not an expert in that field.

  5. Dear User! Thank you for the report, Software Informer’s in-built antivirus check also detected that Ashampoo Magical Security includes suspicious elements. You can find the antivirus report on the download page.

  6. I don’t have any cons with these folks, but according to the WOT rating system seems someone else does, I’m thinking it is another software vendor though by reading into the comments on WOT

  7. Scince the Spyware scan is so fast it only scans a few files and is not that trustable, but you surely may have another Anti-Spyware protection, I highly recommend Windows Defender.

  8. The creation of the rescue CD fails, and the copying program’s I/O error message codes are not helpful. Retrospect Express HD gave me the problem in English so I could fix a file name.

  9. After downloading and installing, I can no longer print PDFs at all…uh hello, quality control…any help would be GREAT!

  10. Sounds like a good idea, but never could get the software to load and work properly in ‘trial’ mode. Not about to spend money on something I can’t try out.

  11. Cluttered space. Coul have tryed to make it less complex and less windows. You need to consentrate about what you are doing, to make something move ( tween ) you have to do around 6 things or else it won’t work – making a professional flash would probably not work coz you’ve made a mistake somewhere and becuase of the cramped woprkspace it would take hours to find it!

  12. Too many programs, including a McAffee scanner and Adobe Air, both of which I didn’t ask for and I have no control over. Updater that runs constantly by default. Huge footprint on the drive. All I want to do is read an occasional PDF.

  13. I have no idea how to use it because it didn’t come with any user manual or any kind of instruction.

  14. Lists some features as “off” even though they’re not available (free version), could be more customizable, advertises other company products, could offer a more “advanced” or flexible settings, quarantine pops up in settings, little awkward.

  15. It converts screen captures from 72 ppi to 96! If you do anything with web design, this renders the program useless. whenever I try to capture something into photoshop to measure, or lay out text over a screen capture, it’s 24 ppi bigger than it actually is. VERY FRUSTRATING!

  16. Doesn’t have a Fixed Stalled button like Limewire did.
    Don’t know how to add comments to files that are incorrect or infected.

  17. The new Digital Edition is directly interfaced with a Flash supporting program that’s in Beta. It does not allow for new PDF files to be viewed otherwised.

  18. Every now and then it hangs and does not work. It would not install on my wife’s old laptop (Windows 7 32-bit). It works really well on mine but only about 9 out of 10 times. The drag-and-drop does not always work.

  19. And also, I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit edition if that helps at all…………

  20. Although it will do a backup, be forewarned that it will NOT back up your Autotext if you had an older version of the OS).
    Also, it will not sync with Outlook at all, which is pretty frustrating since I use my Outlook contacts and calendars at my desk, and now I have to enter everything twice.

  21. the only thing i complain about is,the subtitle issue,i can’t or it cannot place the subtitle whenever i convert the video or movie with foreign languages,(i don’t know if it’s just me or the software itself,if someone know how it works,pls.tell me),wondershare is the best in terms of this issue..

  22. This new version must be a major tracker of info. If I delete it in the background, it resurrectes itself within the second.

  23. Asmw Eraser Pro is a free to try program, also known as try before you buy program. So to get the full version you have to pay $19.95 for this program. Or you can get free privacy cleaners like Clean Cache, Free Internet Window Washer, IE Privacy Keeper and other ones free of charge.

  24. I only wish it was easier to identify the ‘virus’ infected programs, so I could go in and quarantine or delete them myself.

  25. There are not many cons for this program, and should any glitches show up, John is quick to fix them.. as he did with the Atlas problem… Good things really do come in small packages…

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